The Bohemian Logical & Philosophical Café is a framework for webinars in emerging topics in philosophy and logic. The project has a quite broad scope and is willing to encompass a variety of subjects, ranging from theoretical computer science to philosophy. The project is supported by the Institute of Mathematics of the Czech Academy of Sciences. Below you find a list of keywords and a labeling legenda (the order is merely alphabetical).

The seminar will be live on Zoom on Tuesday's at 16.00 Prague time. Each session will be approx. 1h.20m long: 1h talk and 20m questions.

Every talk will be uploaded to our youtube channel. If you want to stay updated with our calendar and you are too lazy to refresh this webpage, just join our Google Group to receive a periodical reminder of our events!

Date Title Speaker Material Label
02.02 Notions of identity for and in higher dimensional categories Michael Makkai ML&CT
09.02 Effective Kan fibrations in simplicial sets Benno van den Berg CS
23.02 The Strategic Balance of Games in Logic Jouko Väänänen ML
09.03 Towards a point free model theory Jiří Rosický CT
20.04 Methodology and metaphysics in Dedekind's theory of ideals Jeremy Avigad PH
04.05 The derivator of setoids Michael Shulman CT

Legenda. abstract; slides; additional material; video.

If you want to contact the organizers of the seminar, you can reach us via email. Make sure to include the word BLPC in the subject.

Coordinator: Ivan Di Liberti.

Scientific Committee: